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About Us

When we work with you we make it a priority to get to know your teams, how they work, and how our expertise can add real value.

It’s also good for you to know who we are – the experts who make up the Schools’ Choice teams. Together, we have a broad range of experience, having worked across public and private sectors in our own areas of expertise and in the many various areas of the educational sector.

As well as always taking a professional approach, you’ll find us friendly and approachable, too. Find out more about our teams and how we can work with you to ensure your school or academy achieves its very best. Meet our team

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Every term-time week we produce the 'Schools' News', full of educational insights and information. You can see our back issues here, and subscribe by filling in the 'subscribe' box on the back page of the most recent issue.

Our Ethics and Policies

The quality of the work we do is as important to us as the people that do it. So we are proud to be working to ISO Standards.

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Schools' Choice Environmental Policy

Schools' Choice Health and Safety Policy

Schools' Choice Energy Policy

Schools' Choice Quality Policy

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