Professional, strategic HR support for the growth and development of your school

Our strategic HR support can help you address a wide range of whole-school issues, including:

  • Developing a detailed understanding of the freedoms available to schools within the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document
  • Improving performance management arrangements
  • Developing new leadership models to reflect the changing needs of your school
  • Improving employee engagement as part of your wider workforce and succession planning processes.

Key benefits

As your strategic HR partner, we will:

  • Bring our experience and expertise to the development and alignment of your HR strategy with your school’s wider educational priorities
  • Help you build confidence and resilience in your middle and senior leaders by developing and delivering effective, tailored programmes of training
  • Give you hands-on support to put your strategy into action and help you keep it under regular review.

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HR Consultancy Service Specification

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