Investigating Officer Service

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Designed to support headteachers, senior leaders and governors in HR matters that require formal investigation and resolution, this service provides professional and timely help for what can otherwise be a lengthy and time-consuming process.

For discipline, grievance, and complaints of harassment / bullying, we provide an experienced, independent and impartial investigating officer to provide a rapid and high-quality response, compliant in both legal and policy terms, to these often difficult and contentious situations. 

The service is suitable for all schools and enables cost-effective access to a high-quality HR professional when required, without any long term commitment.

Our highly-experienced HR specialists offer schools this impartial, efficient and effective investigatory service, giving your senior team and governors their time back to focus on your school’s priorities.











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Investigating Officer ServiceProviding professional help to investigate HR matters that require formal investigation and resolution. A programme overview. 


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