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How can GovernorHub help schools and academies with their GDPR compliance@f0

Many governors and trustees are already worried about school compliance to GDPR; under the new regulations, data breaches will be taken far more seriously than any time in the past and may attract heavy fines or compensation claims for material and/or non-material damages.

However, such a strong focus on the action needed to make sure your school or academy has put the right policies, processes and protection in place, makes it easy to overlook the need for the board itself to be GDPR compliant!

As a board, you have a responsibility for appropriate handling of personal information about your Governors and any other personal data that you receive. Data needs to be processed and stored correctly – including back-up copies. As not all of the documentation you create as a Governing or Trust Board can be shared publicly, you should know exactly who can view the material, and have processes in place to ensure that only those approved can see such documentation.

Schools’ Choice recommend GovernorHub. This online tool provides an efficient and cost-effective tool for GDPR compliant Governance in several ways. Each subscribing board receives their own secure area on GovernorHub which:

  • eliminates the risk involved in storing or sending sensitive and/or confidential documents by:
  1. encrypting all data and documents within GovernorHub and transporting them securely over the Internet;
  2. providing a document storage area; documents are kept in one place and are easily searchable, everything from Model Policies to Financial Reports;
  • abides by industry best practice with password storage;
  • provides separate areas for your Local Governing Boards within a MAT underneath the Trust Board area, so members of the Local Governing Boards can only see their papers and details, but members of the Trust Board can see the papers and details for academies in the Trust.

GovernorHub is a Web based service so there’s no need to install software on your computer and it can be accessed from school, work, home or wherever you have Internet access, as well as through an App on smart devices.

If this sounds useful click here for a 1month free trial to see how GovernorHub can help, view a quick introductory video here, or contact for more information.

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