Pupil Discipline Committee Clerking

Governor support services for schools and academies
The Pupil Discipline Committee Clerking Service offers:

  • Clerks who receive regular specialist training and who are kept up to date on all changes to legislation and practice relating to pupil discipline

  • Clerking of up to four meetings per year with the option to purchase the clerking of extra meetings

  • Administrative support to collate and distribute papers to all those attending the meeting

  • Circulation of all documentation to all parties at least five days before the meeting

  • A briefing for committee members and attendees prior to the meeting

  • Advice and guidance on procedures during the meeting

  • Drafting of the decision letter in consultation with the governors

  • Drafting of the minutes of the meeting for review by the chair of the committee

  • A copy of approved minutes for committee members and the chair of governors







Supporting infomation: 

Pupil Discipline Clerking Service Specification


 Pupil Discipline Committee Clerking




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