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Psychology and Therapeutic Services

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals includes Educational Psychologists, Inclusion Facilitators, and School Counsellor. We work with children, young people (CYP), their families and professionals in order to support emotional well-being, inclusion and learning in order to improve outcomes. We carry out a range of activities. For example; 

  • Consultation, Assessment and Interventions (including therapeutic support)
  • Project work, research & evaluation of interventions
  • Whole school strategic development and training


You can access any of the above services directly via the E-Store or you can use the Analysis of Additional Needs Screening Tool (AANT) to purchase Educational Psychology (EP) consultation and planning (telephone or face to face). By using the AANT screening tool to identify a young person’s strengths and difficulties you can plan ways forward. After the analysis and consultation, if necessary you can also purchase support from any of the Schools’ Choice Children’s Services with the reassurance that you are targeting your resources effectively. Click here to learn more about the Analysis of Additional Screening Tool and see if it is right for your situation.

You can also click the brochure below to learn more about all of our services offered.

Claire Darwin, Psychology and Therapeutic Services Lead - Learn more about Claire from her One Page Profile

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Psychology and Therapeutic Services Specification 

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