Dyslexia Outreach Team

Are you trying to create an environment where pupils with literacy difficulties feel secure and confident to take risks and increase their learning potential?

The Dyslexia Outreach Team can help, they offer a range of services aimed at developing effective practice across schools, which focus on impact at whole class, small group and individual level. 

They aim to identify and address individual student need and empower school staff to meet the identified literacy needs of individual students.

Get in touch to arrange -

  • a consultation meeting
  • an assessment of individual student’s literacy needs
  • a diagnostic assessment
  • assistance with assessing the need for access arrangements during exams

Download a pdf with more details here or email services@schoolschoice.org or click here to go straight to the estore - when you get there type the word 'dyslexia' into the search box to see what's available.




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