County Inclusion Support Service (CISS)

The CISS Annual Package for 2018-2019 will be available to purchase from 19th February 2018 for maintained schools and from (1st May to be confirmed) 2018 for Academies and Free Schools.

The CISS Annual Package of support has been used effectively by schools in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Securing additional direct work with individual pupils who are on the CISS caseload but only receiving the Core Foundation level of support
  • Support for those pupils who are not on CISS caseload but would benefit from direct involvement from CISS staff (subject to parental permission)
  • Individual pieces of work have included support with transitions, supporting children to understand diagnoses, coping with anxiety, managing anger and building self-esteem 
  • Additional interventions, such as pupil mentoring, social skills, Lego Therapy, Thrive assessments and action planning, can also be delivered within the package Schools have used the package to support the identification of need through lesson observation and discussion with staff and parents
  • Consultations to discuss individual pupils (subject to parental permission), or to talk about whole school inclusion issues can be arranged
  • CISS staff may also attend meetings with parents, school staff and/or other professionals by arrangement
  • Small group staff workshops can also be organised within the time allocation.

For 2018-2019, the CISS Annual Package includes:

  • One initial planning meeting
  • 15 school visits (2 hours per visit plus 30 minutes additional planning and admin time)
  • One whole school 90 minute training session which can be tailored at a school’s request to meet their particular CPD needs
  • Email and telephone contact, as necessary.

Schools’ feedback on the CISS Annual Package has included:

The CISS Annual Package has proved to be an essential resources investment…. The support and guidance…provided to children, support staff, teachers, parents and the Headteacher/Senco has been incredibly valuable and has made a positive impact on the children’s learning and staff well-being.’

‘(The CISS Teacher) has provided practical advice, suggested strategies and interventions to support children in order for them to make progress, access the curriculum and communicate their concerns.’

'The Annual Package has been invaluable to both me as a new SENCo and the school as a whole, having the regular support of somebody who is passionate about supporting the needs of not only those children that have a diagnosis, but also those children who may need additional support with behaviour in order to access learning.’

At the beginning of the year,( the CISS Teacher) quickly evaluated the needs of our school with us and effectively created an action plan…We have been able to use the Thrive package which has provided high quality data that enables us to support children’s social and emotional development in a targeted manner.’

The costs for the 2018-2019 Package are:

  • £2,650 for maintained schools
  • £2,995 for Academies and Free Schools.

County Inclusion Support Service Specification


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