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Data Protection Services – Essential guidance and training to help your school with GDPR. An image of a schoolchild reading The Huge Bag of Worries used to illustrate the Schools' Data Protection Service

Since before the changeover to GDPR in May 2018, we've been helping schools with a suite of services, products and training. These include;

Data Protection Advice Service

This national service provides schools that have an assigned DPO with telephone, email or webchat guidance from our qualified specialists. You also gain access to our online GDPR toolbox - an innovative resource that stores all the templates and guidance you need in one place, and is kept up to date so you’ll know you are always accessing the most relevant guidance. 

Data Protection Officer Service

Our service ensures you have an appointed DPO, allowing you to demonstrate compliance and accountability whilst avoiding any conflict of interest that could arise from appointing an internal member of staff to the role. 

Data Protection Compliance Audit

An audit of the information you process and your information management procedures is the first step in establishing any gaps in your compliance, we recommend carrying one out regularly to avoid standards slipping.

Data Protection Training

As the majority of security incidents and data breaches involve staff, there is a need for employees to have an understanding of data-handling responsibilities. Our onsite cost-effective training, delivered by a qualified trainer, will help you prevent such issues. 

Click the links below for more details. 

Data Protection Services

GDPR Compliance Audit Service Specification 2018

Data Protection Officer Service Specification

GDPR Advice Service Specification 2018

GDPR Compliance Audit Service Specification 2018

Go to Estore (click on either 'maintained schools' or 'academies' and search for GDPR)

Go to CPD site (search for GDPR)

Business Management Reviews – Essential School Business Management 

The responsibilities involved with running the business elements of a school or academy can sometimes be daunting, even for the most experienced school leaders and teams. Schools’ Choice understands the pressures faced. 
Our professional HR, Finance and Data Protection teams can lighten the workload, lessen your financial burdens and help develop a consistent approach to performance management.
Our support provides both strategic and practical helpand we are proud that our reliability and professionalism – always based on best practice – is helping schools and academies nationwide flourish. 

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