Procurement services for schools and academies
Schools' Choice Procurement Service is effective at saving you money. In Suffolk, schools have saved as much as 40% on their goods and services by using our service. Our aim is to assist all schools in obtaining maximum value for money in the procurement of goods and services whilst observing the principles of best procurement practice, accountability and transparency.


Our professional procurement staff conduct purchasing activities that support schools to meet one of Ofsted’s 3 overriding considerations:

‘its purpose to ensure schools services are improved and to see that these services are efficient, effective and promote value for money.’

By using national contracts – purpose built for the Education market - we are effective in the use of our resources, maximising the use of purchasing power. By implementing and administering contracts, we simplify purchasing procedures for all our clients; minimising the risks associated with acquiring goods and services, and providing value for money.

Key benefits:

  • A friendly service, trusted by our clients, with supportive advisors on procurement matters
  • Annual cashable and efficiency savings for you in excess of our fee
  • Availability of over 10,000 products and services
  • Fully compliant contracts without the pain
  • Transparent and auditable processes and procedures.

Procurement Toolbox

As part of our commitment to providing you excellent service and guidance whenever you need it, we have produced a new, interactive Procurement Toolbox comprising of advice, procurement process guidance and our latest Supplier Directory.

Full access is available to those who purchase the service but there is information inside that all can see; including information on our bespoke tendering service. Click the cover below to see what's inside.


  Procurement Service Specification





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