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IT services for schools and academies



Offering you responsive and knowledegeable ICT support
Our team offers responsive and knowledgeable ICT support so that your school or academy and your students get the very best out of your technology investment.










Schools Information Management System

Schools Information Management System allows schools to manage student and staff information across all areas of school life.

RBUSS Remote Back-up System

Keeping data safe is a priority for every school. If data gets lost, not only is sensitive information compromised but rectifying mistakes can take significant time and money. RBUSS gives schools complete peace of mind for safe storage of your data. 

Schools' Email Service

Our schools' email service provides schools and academies with access to Office 365 mailboxes which include a range of Microsoft Office applications accessed over the internet. 

Schools' Internet services

We provide secure broadband connectivity which includes web filtering, firewall protection and utilises a private WAN connection for reliability and speed.

ICT Procurement

Schools are able to purchase reliable, compliant IT hardware from us such as laptops, monitors PCs and Servers.




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