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Educational Psychology 

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Educational Psychology

Children's services for schools and academies

Promoting positive change and well-being by embedding psychological thinking into everyday practice.

Our team of Educational Psychologists (EPs) work with children, young people, their families and professionals in order to improve outcomes.


We also work with small groups and / or educational settings in order to support the inclusion and participation of children and young people.




Our staff will work with you to develop tailor made packages of support based on the following broad areas of work:

  • Consultation (including planning meetings)
  • Assessment
  • Evidence based learning interventions
  • Therapeutic interventions (including Mindfulness, Video Interaction Guidance, Video Enhanced Reflective Practice, Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, Narrative Therapy etc.)
  • Person centred approaches(including MAPS and PATH) and collaborative problem solving (including Solution Circles and Circles of Adults)
  • Whole school strategic development and training
  • Project work, research & evaluation of interventions
  • Supervision of staff (including coaching and supporting the emotional well-being of adults.)

What people say
“Working to complete the PATH was a very powerful piece of work for our whole staff to do. It helped us clarify where we were as well as giving us a vision for where we want to be in a year. Many of the points have fed into the School Development Plan and the PATH has been shared with a range of the school’s stakeholders including parents and Governors.”


Supporting information:

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Information for Parents 

Educational Psychology Service
- Information for parents and carers

 Educational Psychology


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